It is critical that operators of multiple locations understand their businesses beyond just dollars and cents. SousZen answers this need by collecting and providing detailed analysis of customer data from all outlets. The data is then presented in an easy-to-use graphical interface, making use of maps for a geographical view.

SousZen shows operators what their customers have ordered over time, and across locations. It breaks this down into different ingredients, flavors, food combinations (for example cilantro and lime), and tracks trends. What’s more, operators can use SousZen to quickly and efficiently share new recipes, marketing communications, promotions and reward programs across all its locations.

Market Network
As increasing numbers of restaurant operators subscribe to the SousZen platform,
owners will have access to trends across a wider market. Data will be collected from all SousZen users, and aggregated, while ensuring anonymity from individual
subscribers. This ‘gated community’ represents SousZen’s core value proposition.

All SousZen subscribers will have access to new recipes, ingredient information,
preparation guides and cooking instructions. In addition, SousZen will leverage its
data modeling and forecasting capabilities by running pilot programs in new
markets. The results of these programs – that would, for example, introduce new
menu items such as dishes from celebrity chefs – will provide SousZen users with
valuable insights for low-risk business growth and product development.

Subscriber reports generated from the SousZen network will include demographic,
psychographic and purchasing profiles, seasonal preferences and emerging trends - a valuable asset to operators. Over time, the trends highlighted by SousZen’s data will aid optimized ordering and distribution, and identify emerging locations for business expansion. SousZen plans to attract subscribers to its network through partnerships with large food companies, celebrity chefs, local producers and wholesalers.

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