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Benefits to Operators

No worries.

  • No need for chef / owner in every location – cook will do – Food service expansion for dummies – Repeatable Quality. Imagine a screen in every location that schedules and steps you through the multi dish challenges of scheduling meal preparation and in the future actually controlling the underlying appliances. Recipes will be codified beyond the limitations of Mrs Beeton and into the digital age, with control, timing, prep data.

  • More efficient supply chain with ability to auto order from local vendors – improving freshness, organic, local – We know what is consumed in the cooking process, therefore we know what is left on the shelof and how long it has been there.

  • Operators around the world have very different technology adoption rates, we will deliver a solution that scales from street food to restaurants.

  • We can ensure that if an order includes dietary constraints that those constraints are not ignored in the cooking process.

  • Better insights into trends, ingredient combinations – Forecasting as every location is a sensor.

Benefits to Owners


  • Brands who support a democratized approach to food entrepreneurship, need to be assured that food reflects the brands promise of quality, safety and freshness.  We can do this by automating to some degree the cooking process, tracking inventory

  • Brands want to know what combinations of ingredients are working and what menu and recipes are being sold, by location – Our dash board and market network can provide this information from the micro to the macro

  • We have partnered with PepsiCo in Mexico to prove this out

Benefits to Consumers

Safer, healthier.

  • 500+ million people get sick from food bourne diseases – Digitization of food and the cooking process can help with food safety. We have a tremendous opportunity in street food sector, if we can deliver a simple feature set that can scale – Tosti Centros is the test for that concept.

  • A tremendous amount of food is wasted and we can ensure that inventory is optimized by starting with what is consumed in the cooking process.

  • Our solution will drive technology adoption in the short term web based appliances that are highly controllable. Induction cook tops will replace gas. This is safer (no heat) and do not create a working environment that is often hot and unhealthy.

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