A major challenge in today’s commercial kitchen is accurately replicating a recipe developed by an accomplished chef. Innit has been on a quest to fix this for the home cook for many years, and now, after 39 patents, has an approach that works.

The app spans a wide range of recipes, and communicates the complexity and
nuances of cooking a particular dish in easy-to-follow steps. Innit is a shareholder in SousZen, so we are able to leverage their research and apply it to the commercial market.

But the SousZen solution does more than just provide recipe guides. The commercial kitchen is a complex environment that requires precise, minute-by-minute management.


Orders come from the front-of-house. How and when the meals are prepared requires scheduling (particularly if the outlet is keen to avoid the use of heat lamps).

SousZen uses Graph Technology to not only schedule when each dish is prepared,but also orchestrates the cooking process across different appliances and cooks toensure that food is delivered to the table at the optimum time.

As cooking appliances become smarter, the SousZen Kitchen Orchestration controlprogram (presented on a screen) will also control them - from ovens to grills to sous-vide machines. SousZen will turn the appliances on, adjust the temperature and control cooking times. This is a major enabler for new web-based appliances(particularly induction hobs), and appliance manufacturers (many of whom alreadywork with Innit) are keen to build strategic partnerships with SousZen.

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