Digitizing food preparation and data collection for a before unknown level of control and insight.

SousZen automates the commercial kitchen – As appliances and cookware become smart there is an opportunity to become the ubiquitous control layer.  

Digitizing food preparation will not only de-risk food service startup and expansion but also turn every location into a sensor. 

Over $10bn has been invested in companies that automate the front of house from POS, Ordering, Delivery, Reservations, Discovery, Rewards, CRM, Employee mgmt, but very little in the kitchen. We aim to fix this by building on the innit home cooking platform, adding the pieces necessary of the commercial kitchen and adding integrations, management and a market network to share everything from recipes, ingredient combinations to demographic trends.


Restaurant technology advancements and integrations are making kitchens smarter than ever before, and owners and managers even more informed about their business.

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